Dave Week Schedule 2017

Dave Week is January 22nd-28th and we would love for you to join us! Want to know more about what Dave Week is? Here is a brief history.


Please use the hashtag #DaveWeek throughout the week. There will be some prizes given out to random people that tweet or share things on social media.

Monday: Jazz Game

$15 gets you a ticket, hot dog, and early entry. Click here for more information on how to get your tickets as part of our group. Call Mike Bingham at (801)325-7221 for tickets.

Tuesday: Your Day

I know it’s called Dave Week, but I think everyone deserves at least one day of their own and I am more than willing to share this one! Today find something you have been wanting to do and do it! 

Do something for yourself, something you’ve been putting off, learn something new, or just sit down for a few minutes and relax. 

I will be going to night classes that night so that eventually I’ll have a master’s degree and will have additional opportunities for work should I ever choose.

Wednesday: Bowling and Laser Tag


Jack and Jill Lanes in Lehi has given us a 3 activities for $10 deal. Click here for more information.

Thursday: Service

Dave Week is about building community, so find a way to serve someone today. If each of us does at least one thing today to make the world a happier/better place we can make a big difference. 

Feel free to share your ideas with the rest of us so that we can help! We are doing a shoe drive at my school, if you’d like to donate any wearable shoes to me after any of our activities we would gladly accept them!

Friday: Movie

One of the goals of Dave Week is to connect with each other face to face and to get away from being online. However, one of our founding members has moved out of state and we decided it would be fun to find a way to still include her and anyone else who isn’t within driving distance.

We will be watching The Emperor’s New Groove starting at 7 PM MST. If you don’t already own this classic, don’t worry, it’s on Netflix! Feel free to live tweet your favorite quotes throughout the evening using the #DaveWeek hashtag.

We will also have a Twitter chat that somewhat ties to the movie. This way we still can interact with each other and learn more about what makes each of us groove.

Want bonus Dave Week points? Invite someone over to enjoy the evening with you. Reconnect with someone you haven’t seen in a while, invite the new neighbors over, or just relax after the whirlwind that has been the last few days!

For updates check back here or follow @downrightdave, @lauremonoto, and @starmile83 on Twitter. You can also follow the hashtag #DaveWeek.




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