Dave Week Jazz Game

It’s that special time of year again, Dave Week! If you are a Dave Week Newbie, check out our Brief History so you know what it’s all about.

One of our activities during this week will be a Utah Jazz game. This year we will be going to the January 23rd Jazz/Thunder game. Tickets are $15 and include an upper bowl ticket, hot dog, as well as special early entry to the game. See below for more information on early entry as well as other times we will be meeting up throughout the night.

For tickets call Mike Bingham at (801)325-7221. His office hours are 9-5, M-F. If he’s not in the office, he is great at returning messages. Just tell him you are part of the Dave Week Group. Space in our group is somewhat limited, so the earlier you call the better spot next to us you will have. Huge thanks to Mike for helping us with this, be sure to call him for any ticket needs you have at the Viv.


Early Entry

One great thing about being part of this group is we get special early entry to the game! Before the rest of the crowd comes in we get to all hangout courtside and watch players go through individual workouts.

They used to let us get autographs and pictures, but they’ve been trying to keep the players more “focused” the last few years. It’s still pretty cool though, we get to all hangout courtside and watch the players go through their workouts and have some time to chat that isn’t as easily done during the game.

Meet at the Box Office before 5 PM to be a part of early entry. I know that isn’t possible with a lot of schedules, so there are plenty of other opportunities to hang out as well. Plus, we will be with each other all game long!



During halftime we always have a big “tweetup” outside portal SS. Even if you don’t get tickets through Mike, be sure to come hangout then! We always get a big group picture with Thurl Baily and Alema Harrington. We will be heading to portal SS with about two minutes left in the second quarter so we can get prime spots for the halftime show.

Post Game

After the game we will see if David (not Dave) Locke can spare a second for a picture as well. There are plenty of opportunities to get together, pregame, halftime, and postgame.

Even if you don’t get tickets with our group I hope that you will make it. If there’s only one Jazz game you go to this year, make it this one! Even if basketball isn’t your thing, it’s fun sitting together with everyone enjoying our night.


Also, in the spirit of Dave Week, maybe we don’t boo Kanter too much.