Dave Week 5 Schedule 2016

Dave Week is January 4th-9th and we would love for you to join us! Want to know more about what Dave Week is? Here is a brief history.

Please use the hashtag #DaveWeek throughout the week. There will be some prizes given out to random people that tweet or share things on social media.

In addition, this year Lauren (@lauremonoto) is going to put together a scavenger hunt with a prize given to the winner on Saturday. This will be a great way for those not in the area to still be able to participate.

Listed below are things you can find during the entire week. Each day I will post additional one day only items. Be sure to use the #DaveWeekHunt hashtag so we can easily keep track of points for the grand prize!


In addition to the #DaveWeek hashtag, each event will also have an event specific hashtag. Be ready to celebrate and have a good time!

Monday: #DaveWeekMovie

We will be seeing the 7:00 showing of The Peanuts Movie at the Water Gardens in Pleasant Grove. Tickets are $4 and can be ordered there or online. Bring your FHE group, family, kids, friends, or come on your own and make some new friends!

The photo scavenger hunt items for today are listed below. 

Tuesday: #DaveWeekServe

Dave Week is about building community, so find a way to serve someone today. If each of us does at least one thing today to make the world a happier/better place we can make a big difference. This can be something simple or you can organize something a little bigger.

Wednesday: #DaveWeekLehi


Bowling/Laser Tag

Jack and Jill Lanes in Lehi has given us a 3 activities for $10 deal. Generally we do two games of bowling and one game of laser tag. We will begin at 6:30.

They would only reserve 6 lanes for us and want six people to a lane. If you aren’t one of the first 36 people there you may or may not be on lanes next to us, depending on availability.

Please RSVP. If we are going to have more than 36 people I need to put down a larger deposit to hold more lanes. If we don’t end up using those lanes then I don’t get my deposit back. 

RSVP here on Facebook and if you are bringing additional people with you please leave a comment with the number attending.

Feel free to come late though. You are more than welcome to hang out with us and say hi to everybody there. This is the first of two activities, so if bowling is too early you can meet us at stop #2.

Culver’s of Lehi


Our goal is to be done with bowling/laser tag before 9 PM. Culver’s is expecting us anywhere from 9 PM until they close at 10:30. You are more than welcome to get there slightly before 9 PM as well so there isn’t a big wait when we all get there at once and place orders all at the same time.

Tell the cashier that you are there for Dave Week and they will give you a 10% discount on your order.

Thursday: #DaveWeekMyDay

I know it’s my week, but I think everyone deserves at least one day of their own and I am more than willing to share! Today find something you have been wanting to do and do it! 

This could be some needed alone time to planning your own group activity but make it a special day.

Friday: TBA 

Best case, we find something awesome. Worst case, Date Night is open. So I guess either way you win!

There may be a talent show via Vine, YouTube, or Periscope. So be thinking of a talent just in case. #DaveWeekTalent?

This would also give people not in Utah a better chance to participate. Although, we have had people all the way from Honduras and Europe participate in the past.

Saturday: #DaveWeekJazz



For those that would like to meet for dinner before the game, or that would like to join us without going to the game, we will have dinner at Crown Burger. If you spend $14 or more you can park there for free for the Jazz game. Or if you are just there for dinner you can park there for free.

Crown Burger is about two blocks north of the Arena. Meet here at 4:00 if you would like to eat with us. There are also a lot of great dining options in the arena.

Jazz Game Early Entry:


Those that purchase group tickets will get a group discount as well as special early entry. We need to be at the ticket office before 5:15 for those who are a part of this. In the past he has also allowed season ticket holders that are with us to go in early as well.

These special tickets are $28.25 and can be ordered from Steve Nord at 801-325-7222. He always has no fees and great deals for all events held at the arena. If he isn’t in his office just leave him a message and he will get back to you at his earliest convenience.

We get to sit on the first few rows of the arena while several of the players come out and do individual workouts with the coaches. When the players are done with their session we have been able to get pictures/autographs from several of them in the past.

Jazz Game: 

For those that find other tickets, or who can’t make it by 5:15, the game starts at 7:00. There will be some small prizes for best Dave Week poster, so be ready to cheer, dance, yell, and have a great time!

Half Time:


Meet outside portal SS right before halftime. We usually start heading over there even a minute or two before the first half is over to get good spots. The past two years Dave Week has been mentioned and we have made it onto TV.

If you have signs be sure to either be in the back of the group or to hold them below your face so that as many of us can be seen as possible.

For updates check back here or follow @downrightdave, @lauremonoto, and @starmile83 on Twitter. You can also follow the hashtag #DaveWeek.



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