History of Dave Week

Did you hear about Dave Week and wonder what it is? Is this legit, is it really a thing? If you were too afraid to ask, here’s a quick history of how this week came to be.


Dave Week is a week full of activities that bring people together. It started with three friends and quickly went viral. Originally, the activities have been based in Utah. As Dave Week has grown it has reached all over the world from England to the Philippines. We continue to try to find ways that anyone anywhere can participate.

It all began the year I moved away from college in Provo to my house in Lehi. Two of my best friends, Lauren and Elyse, missed the crazy adventures we always had when we lived in the same apartment complex.

They asked me, “What do we have to do to get you to hang out with us again, create a week in your honor?” That sounded like a good idea to me and Dave Week was born. We began planning a week of fun so that the three of us could catch up.


Being the social media savvy people we are, Lauren said that we should start a hashtag. She jokingly said that maybe we could get #DaveWeek to trend! It didn’t just trend, it became the #1 trending thing in SLC that week. What began as a reunion between three friends went viral and blew up into something much bigger than any of us ever dreamed of or intended it to be.


The three of us had been friends in real life for several years, but as we posted on social media throughout the week it became clear that a lot of our “Twitter friends” were looking for fun things to do and ways to interact offline.

We found out that we had a great opportunity to bring the whole community together face to face. The reason some of us are on social media is we want that social interaction, but it’s so much better in person! Lauren always likes to say that Dave Week is all about making social, social.

People want to get out of their houses to get together, they want to help in the community, they just need an excuse. During Dave Week we provide that and more. For me this week is all about bringing people together, for good.


The group of people attending has grown every year. Some of our favorite businesses have even gotten into the action, including Culver’s! They have always provided discounts for those celebrating.


The one thing Dave Week isn’t, is a week all about me. Some have mistakenly thought that this week is about me marketing myself and trying to gain popularity or to further my career. As a 4th grade teacher, I am pretty sure this will not help move me up the corporate ladder, since there isn’t one.

If this was about anyone, I’d say Lauren and Elyse deserve just as much, if not more, credit than I do since they were the two that came up with the idea. But this isn’t about them either.

This week is about the entire community. There are too many things in the world that divide, it’s nice to have a week where we can just bring people together and have fun with no other agenda than to enjoy each others company, have fun, and to build up those around us.


Maybe we will even make it on TV again! The past three years during the Utah Jazz game Alema has mentioned #DaveWeek on air.

Tickets for the Jazz/Clippers game Saturday, January 20th are on sale now and need to be purchased by January 5th to guarantee seating with our group.

If you know about something fun going on January 16th-20th let me know soon and we will see if we can add it to the calendar of events. If you have a business that would be willing to give our group some discounts, we would love to fit you in as well. The events usually include bowling, a movie, service, #treatyourself, and a Jazz game.

Most importantly though, I hope that during the week I will have a chance to see you and enjoy catching up. If you aren’t able or close enough to come to the events, try and find a way that you can build the community where you live. Sponsor your own Dave Week activity and invite all of your friends! It has been fun seeing people post about things they have done all around the world!

I hope that this Dave Week is our greatest yet! All I know is that if you come, it will make it that much better.



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